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“Mom. Mommy. Mum. MAHM!” I hear this on a daily basis. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. But if I’m totally honest, with each scream of my name, I tend to give a look…you know, that “mom look.” My heart smiles inside, but my face may say something different. I hope you can relate 🙂

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But if you ask me where my second home is, it’s in a little town called Athens, Ohio. This is where I went to school (Ohio University, OU OH YEAH!) and met my fantastic-incredible-super handsome husband, Kevin.

We met while I was reporting for the sports department on campus and he was playing on the football team.

Journalism then took me to West Virginia, New York and North Carolina. When I landed a job in my hometown, Kevin and I were finally together and started our family.  Pittsburgh is where we are raising our two little girls.

After 7 years in news, I left the business just days before my second daughter was born. I wanted to be home with my children while they were young. I don’t regret my decision to take time off from work to be home with my little ones but as life changed, priorities changed and during this time my identity began to shift.

I realized I still needed a creative outlet and that’s what led me to this blog. On here, I’ll bring you snippets of my life — parenting, kids, clothing, house, recipes, fitness…if it’s part of a mom’s lifestyle, it’s on this page. I’ll share products and companies that I believe in & showcase the things that make life easier.

This is my way of giving other mommas support, a laugh or just an escape. Because let’s face it, our kiddos are our world but IT IS OKAY to need a break.

Gotta go — I’m hearing my name being called… 🙂

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